5 Mistakes We Make Every Day When Taking a Shower


Mistakes We Make Every Day When Taking a Shower

Few of us might think that you can do something as simple as showering incorrectly, but in fact, there are rules for keeping your skin healthy.

We‘ve collected 5 typical mistakes we make when showering.

Washing for too long

Just like hot water, bathing for long periods of time causes the skin to dry out a lot, which is what causes an itchy rash. The optimum time for showering is about 10 minutes.

Frequent use of foaming gels and body washes

The lather up the soap, the more the ostensibly active substances in the shower gel, the more too. This means that it depletes the natural protective oil layer, resulting in dry and rough skin. Additionally, if you have not been specifically prescribed antibacterial washing agents, you do not need to use them daily.

Use an old, damp sponge

Damp sponges and loofahs are ideal for the growth of bacteria and mold, so it is best to change them once every 4 weeks. Use a cloth glove or towel instead.

It is also important that you dry the sponge after use.

Drying very enthusiastic

Dry your body with a soft towel and leave it slightly damp. Then use your favorite cream, so your skin will remain smooth and healthy!

Excessive hot water

Hot water makes the skin dry and flaky. It removes a lot of skin sebum, leaving it unprotected. It also increases blood flow, which often leads to erythema, infections, and rashes. 35-40 ° C is ideal for healthy skin.