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While Kenya Moore is no longer part of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ she is still causing drama on the show!

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Miss USA winner Kenya Moore, 48, stirred the pot by showing up to current 52-year-old Housewives star Cynthia Bailey’s party, which fans will see on the show finale tonight. A source close to Kenya revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife that Kenya “knew exactly what she was doing and has no regrets as she knew it made for great TV.”

Our source continued, “Kenya felt hurt to have not been asked to be back on RHOA this season. Kenya knew she was going to cause a lot of chatter and drama by showing up to Cynthia‘s party on the RHOA finale which is why she did it.”

“At the end of the day though, Kenya really did want to support Cynthia,” the source added. “Kenya originally wasn’t going to go because she was 8 months pregnant during filming, but she felt fine enough to go and decided to show up and didn’t find it a big deal not to share that with the other ladies.”

Cynthia feels that [other RHOA star] Nene [Leakes, 51] has blown this entire thing completely out of proportion and that she didn’t betray her,” our source said. “Cynthia invited Kenya and Kenya said she didn’t want to come because of filming but then showed up anyways. Cynthia invited Kenya because she’s friends with both ladies and wanted them both there to support her. She doesn’t get why Nene feels betrayed because Kenya showed upCynthia knows she didn’t betray Nene and editing may make it look otherwise, but Nene knows the truth.”

In case you’re behind on your RHOA, Nene got mad when Kenya showed up to Cynthia’s launch party with Seagrams for their collaborative drink. While Cynthia had invited Kenya, Kenya told Cynthia she wasn’t coming. So, Cynthia didn’t tell Nene that Kenya was coming since, well, Cynthia didn’t know Kenya was going to come. Then, per usual, drama ensued. Hopefully, the ladies can resolve the issue and support each other with their professional endeavors in the future! We’ll have to see what happens on Bravo tonight for the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 11 finale, as well as the three reunion episodes to come!

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