Phils’ Kapler blows up at Braves for Hoskins HBP

Philadelphia Phillies manager Gabe Kapler was not pleased to see Rhys Hoskins hit by a high pitch in Sunday’s 5-1 victory over the visiting Atlanta Braves.

“It really pisses me off when balls go off Rhys Hoskins’ chin,” said Kapler, who called Hoskins the “heartbeat” of the Phillies. “Really bugs me.”

Braves manager Brian Snitker said Carle was not intentionally trying to hit Hoskins.

“If Bryce [Harper] hadn’t hit the homer and the ball got away like it did, I’m sure he wouldn’t have got ejected,” Snitker said, as quoted by The Athletic. “He’s not trying to hit the guy. My God, it’s just not the situation where you do that. He lost the ball, and unfortunately it hit him. I hate that. Umpire had to do what he thought he had to do, but there’s no way in hell that he’s trying to send a message or anything like that. The ball just got away.”

Two pitches after Harper connected on a solo home run off Shane Carle in the seventh inning, the reliever drilled Hoskins on the left shoulder.

Plate umpire Rob Drake immediately ejected Carle. After the game, he left before media was allowed in the Braves’ clubhouse. 05:50:31

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