Rakuten's stake in Lyft is now worth $2.46B, GM's $1.46B, Fidelity's $1.45B, a16z's $1.18B, Alphabet's $924M, Logan Green's $655M, and John Zimmer's $452M (Alison Griswold/Quartz)

2019-03-31 16:20:02

Alison Griswold / Quartz:

Rakuten’s stake in Lyft is now worth $2.46B, GM’s $1.46B, Fidelity’s $1.45B, a16z’s $1.18B, Alphabet’s $924M, Logan Green’s $655M, and John Zimmer’s $452M  —  Lyft might not be making any money, but its investors and executives certainly are.  —  Shares of Lyft Inc. gained 8.7% on their first-ever …


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