Exercise Ball Exercises

Exercise Ball Exercises
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Exercise Ball Exercises

That brightly colored exercise ball is pumped up in the corner and now you’ve starting staring it down for suggestions.

What kinds of exercise ball exercises are there for you and what parts of the body can you work out on this new sensation?

There is a wide range of exercise ball exercises to consider, which involve the torso, stomach, hamstrings, back, and more.

Before tackling any exercise ball exercises, you will need to learn how to properly get on the exercise ball.

For starters

You will have to sit upright on the ball, while placing your hands on the ball, next to your hips.

Next, you should take small steps forward, following a heel-to-toe motion. This will allow the exercise ball to make a comfortable connection with your lower back.

work out the torso area

A few exercise ball exercises that will work out the torso area include the torso curl and the oblique torso curl. To accomplish the torso curl, you will situate yourself on the ball as described above.

The apex of the ball should be positioned underneath the base of your shoulder blades. The torso will be parallel to the floor. Ankles should be aligned under the knees. Now, you can put your fingers on opposite shoulders, and then slowly curl the torso down towards the pelvis.

The lower back should be pressing down at this point and the bottom of your shoulder blades should leave up off of the exercise ball. The last step is to slowly uncurl your trunk back to the starting position while sucking in the stomach area.

The difference between the regular torso curl and the oblique torso curl can be found in the direction of the lift. The oblique torso curl involves an alternation of sides moving towards the belly button area. Shoulder blades should rotate to the opposite side while tightening the stomach area.

Buttocks and Stomach area

For exercise ball exercises that work out the buttocks and stomach area, the supine bridge is suggested.

After the exercise ball is resting comfortably underneath the back, the hips should be dropped towards the floor, while aligning the ankles under the knees. Using the middle of your feet, press into the floor while driving your hips in an upward motion. The thighs should measure parallel to the ceiling.

The muscles in your buttocks should be tightened while completing this exercise. Your body will resemble a tabletop. This position should be held for three seconds, where afterward you will return to the starting position.

the knee

In addition to this exercise ball exercise involves the extension of the knee. While placing your hands on the ground, slowly extend the knee of one leg, forming a straight line from the ankle to the hip.

This position should be held for three seconds. Afterward, bend the knee and lower foot back to the starting position and alternate to the other knee and leg.

While in the tabletop position of the supine bridge, there is an exercise ball exercise that incorporates the use of dumbbells.

Positioning your elbows over your shoulders (with weights in hand), slowly move your arms as if you were reaching to the sky. When lowering, try to do this slowly, which will allow you to get more out of the exercise.