Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Care
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Sensitive Skin Care

Finding it difficult to tackle with sensitive skin? Sensitive skincare products can help you to resolve your skin-related queries with ease.

Sensitive skin is a fine-textured skin which easily reacts to hot and cold, thus causing sunburn or windburn. In short, it is prone and delicate to temperature changes, soaps, cosmetics or any allergen.

In case you possess a sensitive skin; you should take proper care in order to protect it. There are basically two types of sensitive skin: one which is susceptible to breakouts and another which gets irritated.

Signs and symptoms of sensitive skincare are reflected through the following conditions:


• Tingling, tightening, cutaneous discomfort without visible signs.
• Easily reacts to products
• Overreaction to external factors such as shaving, stress, aesthetic procedures
• Diffuse redness, drying, recurrent irritation of the skin

Opt for moisturizers, soaps, cosmetic, sunscreens which do not constitute fragrance or allergen which may cause irritation to your skin. Sensitive skincare products can take care of these specifications with ease.

Avoid using cosmetics directly on your face instead; apply it first on the inner side of your wrist to check any reaction. Avoid the use of hot water or washcloths for your sensitive skin.

Besides the usage of our specific sensitive skincare products you can also incorporate a few lifestyle changes to enhance and protect your sensitive skincare such as:

• Abstain from alcohol, caffeine, spices
• Avoid stress
• Avoid excessive temperature changes