Skin Care for Men

Skin Care for Men
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Skin Care for Men

Have a look in the mirror (if you dare) and what do you see?

A few wrinkles, a few laughter lines that weren’t there yesterday?

Yes, we’re all getting older but that doesn’t mean you have to look old, too, and there’s an easy way to keep your skin looking young and feeling soft.

First, watch what you eat. Go for a good, healthy food, mountains of crunchy vegetables, crates of juicy fruits and maybe some vegetarian options, too, but stay away from the processed, ready-made meals, junk food and take-aways that you know are not good for you.

Second, drink plenty of water and, I know it’s painful, but ease off the beer and coffee and have a glass of water instead of drink some of the water as tea “green tea”.

Green tea is a bit of an acquired taste but it is vital to healthy and young-looking skin.

It also contains less caffeine than regular tea and far more good things to help you stay fit and looking good all round.

Third, keep your skin clean. Men generally have oilier skin so make sure you clean your skin well every day to get rid of all the dirt that blocks the pores.

Go for natural ingredients in your soap or gel and try to stay away from too many chemicals.

A good scrub removes dead cells and encourages new cell formation to make your skin look young and feel smooth.

Lastly, find out about sunblock and use a good one when you are outside. Remember, sunshine is not your friend and will make your skin look prematurely old if you let it.

Try this over the Winter and start the holiday season next year with a new, smoother, and better-looking skin.