How to Make a Smoothie

How to Make a Smoothie
Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels

How to Make a Smoothie

Smoothie making seems simple enough, right? Well, it is! And that’s the part that makes a smoothie preferable over other snacks, besides being healthy and nutritious. A smoothie can be prepared in no time by following the given steps:

1. Preparing the Fruits and Vegetables: Frozen or Fresh?

First, you need to prepare the vegetables and fruits according to the recipe of the smoothie. The vegetables and fruits are available in both frozen and fresh forms.

Seasonal fruits and veggies that are not always available can be used in their frozen forms. Otherwise, fresh organic fruits and vegetables are preferable.

Once you have chosen the form of these ingredients, then prepare them for blending. Remove pits or seeds in the fruits, if possible.

2. Choose a Suitable Base Liquid

Fruits and vegetables alone cannot be blended into a smoothie; you always need a base to blend these ingredients with. You can select the base liquid by analyzing their nutritional values.

For instance, if you want a low carb smoothie, then you will use almond or coconut milk instead of animal milk. Or if you want your smoothie to be high in fat, then you will need to add cream or cream cheese to the base.

However, water is often added when low caloric smoothies are prepared.

3. Try Different Flavors

In most smoothies, certain additional ingredients are added sometimes to add more flavors or to increase the nutritional values of the smoothie. Different sweeteners are used for flavor like sugar, brown sugar, honey, low-carb stevia, Swerve, erythritol, molasses, powdered honey, etc.

Citric juice or other liquids can also be added in this regard. Nuts, seeds, protein powder, matcha powder, chia seeds, green tea liquid, chocolate, cookie crumbs, etc., are other side ingredients that often used in smoothies for good taste and health.

4. Blend! Blend! Blend!

Once all the ingredients are ready for the recipe, the next important step is to bring them together in a blender. You can add everything at once before blending, or if certain ingredients need soaking, then give them a soaking time before blending them with other ingredients.

Remember, all smoothies have a creamy, smooth, and thick consistency, so it has to be maintained during blending. The final blended smoothie should come out lump-free.

5. Chill and Serve

Often, ice is crushed with other ingredients of a smoothie to make it chill and cold, but if you have missed that part, then you can refrigerate your smoothie for an hour, at least. When it is chilled well, serve it in suitable serving glasses with your favourite toppings. Choose the smoothie toppings according to the ingredients used in its basic recipe.